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Built for the Enterprise

with government-grade security and encryption

Secure and Compliant

for even the most sensitive data

Pro-Actively Protecting Your Data

with the best RTO and RPO Disaster Recovery

Built for Education

with secure access for students from anywhere in the world

Managed Cloud Solutions for Business

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A complete line-up of cloud services to extend the power
of the next generation computer.




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Introducing Cloud University

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Managed Cloud Pricing

RapidScale CloudDesktop Pricing Matrix Desktop as a Service RapidScale Enterprise CloudMail Pricing Matrix Hosted Microsoft Exchange RapidScale CloudMailPricing Matrix Hosted Microsoft Exchange RapidScale CloudOffice Pricing Matrix SMB Desktop as a Service RapidScale CloudRecovery Pricing Matrix Disaster Recovery as a Service RapidScale CloudServer Pricing Matrix Infrastructure as a Service
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Cloud Partners

Cloud computing solutions can help you to save thousands of dollars each year. There are many different cloud computing solutions that you can use in order to enhance your business. Cloud computing is excellent for both small and large businesses. Not to mention, the benefits of cloud computing will create more profit, reliability and efficiency for your company. We are also a leader in cloud computing Partner Programs. We offer our partners amazing support and aggressive commisions and build strong partnerships that lead to success.

RapidScale's Cloud Agents offer the best Cloud solution.

Cloud Computing Agent

When it comes to cloud computing you need the very best cloud computing providers in order to save the most amount of money. Companies are no longer able to spend frivolously on IT costs. In fact, most businesses are making major cut backs. Instead of cutting employees, businesses are able to save thousands of dollars with cloud computing. Not to mention, they also make their companies more reliable because all information that is saved to their system is automatically backed up in case of an emergency.

Cloud computing providers who care about giving their clients the best will always provide the best services of cloud computing including automatic updates, disaster relief, remote access, scalability, lower costs and quick response time. Cloud computing providers will be able to settle all of your questions and help you to get started. Setting up your cloud computing services is extremely easy. It’s just as easy as setting up a wireless system which is why you no longer need a high tech team of IT personnel to manage and monitor your cloud computing services.

If your company is looking to sell cloud computing services, our Partner Program is a leader in the industry. Our Agent Program in particular is built to provide all of our partners with unbeatable service and support. You will make a great residual and upfront commission and will be part of a great new partnership.

So what differentiates our Agent Program? Many things do. Our aggressive commissions lead the way and upfront spiffs are part of our strategy because we understand the value of new business. We also provide you with a dedicated Channel Manager who is there to support you and handles every quote opportunity you have. Our Channel Managers are also supported by a Senior Cloud Engineer who designs client roadmaps for many of our solutions and quotes opportunities you bring in. We have a goal to return every quote to our agents within 24-48 hours.

We want you to be successful, and we want to help you achieve this. We have a “We Care…” business strategy that allows us to build strong partnerships. We welcome in-person meetings and conference calls because this gives us an opportunity to better know our clients and partners. When you are an Agent and experience the enormous amount of support that we offer, you will also experience enormous success. We pride ourselves in having the best support in all areas of the industry. You will see that our team goes above and beyond to help our partners and we will give you the edge you need to grow.

Only the best cloud computing providers will offer you all of these services and more at such a low rate. We offer you the most for your dollar and we have the experience to offer you the smoothest transition over to cloud computing. You have nothing to lose. Contact us today for more information about our cloud computing services and to find out why we are clearly the leading cloud computing providers in your area.